Fukushima’s radiation has finally arrived: U.S. mainland now covered with ‘invisible blanket of death’

It has always been postulated that the radioactive cesium-137 particles from the leaking nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan, would find its way to the United States. Has this day now finally come? Just this last month, whales have been found washed up and dead on shores along the West Coast. Birds and fish are also being found lying dead in droves in Alaska. And judging by this chart below, which is a report of measurements last week from around the country, this is not only isolated to the West Coast. The following chart is provided by CoyotePrime-RunningCauseICantFly.BlogSpot.com.

All radiation counts reported are partial counts. Uncounted types of radiation include alpha, beta, neutron and X-ray radiation. Uncounted radiation, if added, makes the actual count higher and more dangerous.

Normal radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. 50 CPM is an alert level.
2,323 CPM,  464.6 Times Normal,  Billings, MT  Gamma, Beta.
1,913 CPM,  382.6 Times Normal,  Ft Wayne IN  Gamma, Beta.
1,508 CPM,  301.6 Times Normal,  Pittsburgh, PA,  Gamma, Beta.
1,435 CPM,  287 Times Normal,  San Diego, CA  Gamma, Beta.
1,431 CPM,  286.2 Times Normal,  Portland, ME  Gamma, Beta.
1,365 CPM,  273 Times Normal,  Spokane, WA.  Gamma, Beta.
1,359 CPM,  271.8 Times Normal,  Champaign, IL  Gamma, Beta.
1,359 CPM,  271.8 Times Normal,  Miami, FL.  Gamma, Beta.
1,300 CPM,  260 Times Normal,  Kansas City, KA,  Gamma, Beta.
1,199 CPM,  239.8 Times Normal,  Aberdeen, SD.  Gamma, Beta.
1,143 CPM,  228.6 Times Normal,  Concord, NH  Gamma, Beta.
1,038 CPM,  207.6 Times Normal,  Rapid City, SD.  Gamma, Beta.
1,028 CPM,  205.6 Times Normal,  Atlanta, GA.  Gamma, Beta.
997 CPM,    199.4 Times Normal,  Boston, MS  Gamma, Beta.
944 CPM,    188.8 Times Normal,  Albuquerque, NM  Last Report
905 CPM,    181 Times Normal,  Los Angeles, CA Gamma, Beta.
902 CPM,    180.4 Times Normal,  Ft. Worth, TX  Gamma, Beta.
886 CPM,    177.2 Times Normal,  New York City, NY  Gamma, Beta.
883 CPM,    176.6 Times Normal,  Tulsa, OK  Gamma, Beta.
879 CPM,    175.8 Times Normal,  Indianapolis, IN.  Gamma, Beta.
870 CPM,    175.8 Times Normal,  Bakersfield, CA  Gamma, Beta.
869 CPM,    173.8 Times Normal,  Lubbock, TX  Gamma, Beta.
815 CPM,    163 Times Normal,  Chicago, IL  Gamma, Beta.
798 CPM,    159.6 Times Normal,  Montgomery, AL.  Gamma, Beta.
792 CPM,    158.4 Times Normal,  Little Rock, AR  Gamma, Beta.
765 CPM,    153 Times Normal,  Des Moines, IA.  Gamma, Beta.
652 CPM,    130.4 Times Normal,  Tucson, AZ  Gamma, Beta.
651 CPM,    130.2 Times Normal,  Sacramento, CA  Gamma, Beta.
641 CPM,    128.2 Times Normal,  San Angelo, TX.  Gamma, Beta.
640 CPM,    128 Times Normal,  St. Paul, MN.  Gamma, Beta.
634 CPM,    126.8 Times Normal,  Lincoln, NE  Gamma, Beta.
619 CPM,    123.8 Times Normal,  San Francisco, CA.  Gamma, Beta.
575 CPM,    115 Times Normal,  Dallas, TX.  Gamma, Beta.
543 CPM,    108.6 Times Normal,  Washington, D.C.  Gamma, Beta.
480 CPM,    96 Times Normal,  Las Vegas, NV.  Gamma, Beta.
476 CPM,    95.2 Times Normal,  Phoenix, AZ  Gamma, Beta.
428 CPM,    85.6 Times Normal,  South Valley, NM  Gamma Only.
364 CPM,    72.8 Times Normal,  Grand Junction,  CO Gamma Only

When weighing out the possibilities of what could be causing these distinct kinds of gamma and beta radiation spikes, there are very few real culprits to choose from.  Radiation from Fukushima is on the top of the list and is likely responsible.  The real scary part is that, with the 35-year radioactive shelf life of cesium-137, this problem is likely to only get worse as time progresses.  Don’t wait for the government to intervene; prepare yourselves and your family now, as it might not be long until 100 times the normal accepted radiation level is considered a “safe zone.”



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