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    Welcome To Fukushima Watch, offering the latest information in the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. On March 11, 2011, a tsunami struck the coast of Japan, destroying three nuclear reactors and severely damaging a fourth nuclear reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. Since then, hundreds of tons of radioactive waste have leaked into ocean, contaminating life… [Continue Reading]


More radioactive water flows into Pacific Ocean after drainage canal overflows at Fukushima nuclear plant

Severe Tropical Storm Nangka brought strong winds and heavy rains as it made landfall over western Japan on July 16, 2015. Approximately 360,000 people in nearby towns were advised to evacuate and seek shelter. To make matters worse, the heavy rain from the tropical storm caused a drainage channel at the Fukushima power plant to overflow with radioactive water and spill into the sea. The … [Read More...]


Fukushima, the Blob and the rise of dead marine life

The carcasses of three more marine mammals washed up on the shore of of San Francisco beaches July 7, 2015. No one is sure what killed the sea creatures; however, the massive amounts of radiation leaking into the ocean from the Fukushima power plant over the past four years may bear some responsibility. Joey DeRuy was walking along the beach Monday when he stumbled across a dead sea lion. … [Read More...]

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