11/16/2016 / By fukushima

Japan’s nuclear regulator on Wednesday approved an application by Kansai Electric Power Co Inc to extend the life of an

11/09/2016 / By fukushima

Japan’s nuclear regulator cleared another pair of reactors on the southernmost island of Kyushu for restart despite a growing chorus

10/18/2016 / By fukushima

Ryuichi Yoneyama, the newly elected governor of Niigata, says he will not restart Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power station shut down after Fukushima

09/14/2016 / By Mary Wilder

Fascinatingly, the aftereffects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster have been significantly more devastating than they initially appeared. Like radiation itself,

09/13/2016 / By fukushima

Some global problems fade from our consciousness all too early. One example is the continuing environmental disaster resulting from the

09/08/2016 / By fukushima

While Japan’s once-charged anti-nuclear movement struggles to retain its momentum five years after the 2011 Fukushima catastrophe, former Prime Minister

08/30/2016 / By fukushima

When we read the Economist‘s hypothetical piece on a radioactive prawn ending Kim Jong Un, and leading to changes in the

08/25/2016 / By fukushima

Japan’s ambition to lead in the development of floating wind turbines is facing stiff competition from rivals in Europe —

07/13/2016 / By fukushima

Tokyo (AFP) – A Japanese court on Wednesday turned down a class action lawsuit seeking damages from nuclear plant makers

06/29/2016 / By fukushima

The utility that ran the Fukushima nuclear plant acknowledged Tuesday its delayed disclosure of the meltdowns at three reactors was

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