ONE DAY LEFT: help stop uranium mines near Grand Canyon

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“We cannot survive intact as people without an intact Grand Canyon.” — President Begaye, Navajo Nation

DEADLINE: October 7

No to new uranium mines near the Grand Canyon

Photo Credit: Kristen M. Caldon Make a gift of $15 or more to the Sierra Club and help us reach our new $120,000 goal by October 7 — you’ll receive this beautiful Sierra Club 2017 calendar

Dear Deanne,

With this Congress coming to a close, we’re quickly running out of time to save the Grand Canyon from uranium mines — and the Koch brothers’ dark money-funded plot to control our last wild public spaces.

The quest of the Kochs and their dark money allies to open the Grand Canyon watershed to potentially thousands of uranium mines would have devastating consequences: endangering diverse and vulnerable species, desecrating Native American heritage sites;and contaminating waters that feed the Grand Canyon and sustain people and wildlife.

They’re funneling millions into an astroturf lobbying group called “The Prosper Foundation” and they’ve strong-armed a number of Arizona politicians into backing their plan to expand uranium mining around the Grand Canyon.

We must stop them, with either legislation or executive action to permanently ban mining in the Grand Canyon watershed. We’re mobilizing our grassroots network and targeting key decision-makers to preserve this majestic but fragile land from destruction — but we need to raise $120,000 by October 7. Can we count on your help today, Deanne? Rush $15 or more to the Sierra Club to stop the Kochs’ all-out assault on the Grand Canyon now — if you donate before midnight tomorrow, we’ll send our beautiful 2017 Sierra Club calendar as our special thanks.

The Kochs play the long game, and they play to win.

It’s all part of their truly terrifying plan to systematically seize and sell off all our national parks to the highest bidder for logging and oil and gas development. This is where we shut them down.

The Sierra Club has beaten the Koch Brothers before — on Keystone XL, on coal — and with your help today, we’ll beat them again. Please, contribute now to help us raise our new goal of $120,000 to protect the Grand Canyon — and the millions whose lives and livelihoods are threatened by the Kochs’ unbridled greed. Donate NOW — before midnight tomorrow — to save the Grand Canyon and all who hold it dear from the Kochs’ dark-money mining scheme, and we’ll send our awe-inspiring 2017 Sierra Club calendar as our thanks.

Deanne, by donating today you’ll join a coalition that includes businesses, recreation and conservation groups, leaders like Rep. Raul Grijalva and more than 20 Tribal Nations determined to save their ancestral lands from irreversible harm.

You’ll stand with the 80% of Arizonans who support the creation of a Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National monument, which would forever ban new mining, protecting the Canyon’s air and water from toxic contamination.

And you’ll do it all by stepping up for the Sierra Club — the organization that has what it takes to beat the Kochs and save the Grand Canyon from pollution and plunder. Please, we’re counting on your help now. Rush $15 by MIDNIGHT tomorrow and we’ll put your 2017 Sierra Club calendar in the mail right away. With the rest of this Congressional session slipping away, we don’t have a moment to waste.

Thank you for your commitment to saving our last wild places from toxic pollution and corporate greed. Together, we will save the Grand Canyon for generations to explore and enjoy.

Thank you,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

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